Rugby Betting Tips

rugby betting

Rugby has been popular in New Zealand for years, the kiwis are idolised by their fans, this obsession with the game can be traced down to grass roots teams of all age groups. Described as the national pastime of New Zealand. Because of this Rugby bets are extremely popular also, hopefully this feature can set you up for future betting on this great sport. 

History of Rugby in New Zealand

The birth of Rugby in New Zealand is traced back to 1870 when Charles Munro, born near Nelson brough it back from his studies in England. The game was introduced to his friends and before long the first recorded game in New Zeeland was being arranged at Botanical Reserve, nelson. It was not until 22 years later that the New Zealand Rugby Football Union was established, now known as New Zealand Rugby with over 520 teams from all province’s affiliates with this governing body. 

Why is Rugby so popular?

With it being the national sport of New Zealand, it is no wonder Rugby games are such an important part of Kiwi life. It is said that for years before British influence in New Zealand the Māori were already playing a game very similar, this along with the rural way of life has developed an unrivalled Rugby mentality.  

What bets can be placed on Rugby?

The bets available to place on Rugby games and competitions are like other team sports games. The most popular and simple bet to understand is the Full Time bet, this is what the result of the game will be; also known as the 1X2 bet with the home teams being ’1’, the away team ‘2’ and a draw ’X’. Other bets you can place on Rugby include: 

  • Handicap – gives a theoretical advantage/disadvantage to a team so the win must be by a bigger margin to come out, offers good odds. 
  • Over/under – if the total number of points will be over or under a number, over45.5 for example would require at least 46 points in the game. 
  • Tryscorers – betting on players to score a try first, last or anytime during the match. 
  • Race to 10 points – self-explanatory, the first team to reach 10 points. 

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Biggest Tournaments/Leagues

International trophies that are big dates in the Rugby calendar include: 

  • 6 Nations Championship Trophy. 
  • Triple Crown Trophy. 
  • Bledisloe Cup. 
  • Mandela Challenge Plate. 
  • Hillary Shield 

Rugby Leagues you can get involved with include: 

  • New Zealand Rugby League. 
  • National Provincial Championship. 
  • The Rugby Champions. 
  • Super League 


Hopefully this has left you looking forward to further exploring the world of Rugby betting, you know a bit more about the sports, what it means to New Zealand and the bets you can place. If you are looking for somewhere to place a stake on future Rugby matches and competitions, why not check out our sports betting sites.  With reviews for each one helping you decide which is best and great sign-up offer available there’s never been a better time to get involved. 

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