Deposit Bonuses

Everyone likes to be told they’re special. It makes them feel warm inside, and is the sort of compliment that can turn a completely rubbish day into a great one in the blink of an eye. Being special gives you the feeling that you’re just that little bit better than everyone else, that your thoughts and opinions are worth more than other peoples. It makes sense; who’d listen to just a regular, normal person, if this ‘special’ person is standing there next to them?

Online betting websites have gotten wise to this feeling, and do all they can to make their customers feel special. They do this by offering special incentives, for free, to their special players. They can come in the form of loyalty bonuses or promotions, aimed at those who have already signed up with them. But what of the people who haven’t yet signed up, but are looking to find the right betting website for them? This is where deposit bonuses come in.

They often exist as a welcome offer, to entice people to sign up and to deposit some funds, in return for some extra money, or some free plays on certain games. These can be confusing, especially to someone who is new to the online betting game. Which deposit offers should I get involved with? And which aren’t worth it? 

That is where we at Casino Rewards come in. We have years of experience in the online casino industry, and have built up a wealth of experience. We know what to look for, and what to avoid. So if you don’t know where to start with deposit bonuses, we’ll try to guide you through everything, so you can soon be ready to find some great online casino websites to sign up to!

What is a Deposit Bonus?

It may seem like a fairly obvious question, but it is worth clarifying before we go any further. It is vital to be clear on how to trigger these bonuses, so that players aren’t risking any more of their own cash than is completely necessary to qualify for the bonus offer. Usually when you first sign up to a website, they will offer a deposit bonus such as ‘Up to $100 bonus when you deposit your first $100.’ This means that they will match your initial deposit with the same value. Because this can be considered as free money, it is worth then investigating some games/or sports with potentially more risky odds, as if you lose then it doesn’t matter due it not being your money, however if you win, you’ll be in a great position.

The above example is also known as a matched deposit bonus, meaning simply that the betting website will match in free funds exactly what you deposit. These are most common as a welcome offer, but won’t usually occur on future deposits. However, to make sure they keep your custom and to reward you for continuing to play on their site, companies will give you a certain bonus on all deposits. This may manifest itself in the following way – ‘deposit $100, and you’ll get $20 in free bets.’ So it isn’t quite as appealing, but it is still itself a generous offer, that encourages players to be continuously depositing money into their betting accounts. 

Players may also notice that they will be sent these offers when they haven’t deposited in a while, or if the funds in your account are starting to run low. Sometimes these are referred to as a ‘reload bonus’, as they appear just as you’ve reloaded your account with additional funds. These deposit bonuses are a gentle way of encouraging customers to be continually topping up their accounts. It’s a sneaky tactic, but if you can win big from these additional deposit bonuses, then it is definitely worth your while engaging with them.

Terms and conditions

Sounds too good to be true, receiving free bonuses everytime you deposit some cash? That’s because sometimes it can be. It is important to carefully and thoroughly read the terms and conditions on these deposit bonuses, as sometimes they will only be allowed to be used on certain types of bet. We don’t want to recommend depositing a vast amount of money, just to attempt to be awarded a deposit bonus, if it then doesn’t apply to the type of bet you’d like to make. This is why, however tedious it may be, it is important to look over the fine print before you make any deposit.

So that is a brief overview of how different types of deposit bonuses work. We at Casino Rewards suggest you now get acquainted with some of our recommended casino websites, and investigate what different deposit bonuses they have to offer.