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Watching sport is generally considered to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. There is little else in the world that can stimulate such excitement, and generate such euphoria when your favourite team wins a game they seemed destined to lose, finally overcome one of their greatest rivals, or lifts some long-awaited silverware. The only way that this experience can be enhanced is by having bet correctly on the outcome. The feeling is then instantly amplified; not only has your side won, but you correctly guessed either the overall outcome, or at least a certain part of it. 

Sports betting can be a great way to increase the enjoyment of watching live sport. These days, however, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different betting websites to choose between. All of them will have different bonuses to try and entice you in, and make promises that they are better than the competition. It can certainly be confusing. How do you know which offers are to be followed, and which are to be ignored?

That’s where we come in. We at Casino Rewards have great experience and understanding of the sports betting industry, so know full well which offers and bonuses are worth investigating, and equally important which should be ignored. Below we will try to set out some of the things worth looking out for.

Betting bonuses explained

While those of you with some experience with using sports betting websites will probably already understand all this, it is worth covering the bases for those of you who are new to it.

A betting bonus is simply a fixed amount that is added on to your initial deposit, that the betting website will allow you to place as a bet with no risk. So for instance, you may make a first deposit of $100, and the website will be kind enough to offer you an additional $25 to be used when placing a bet. As it is essentially free, it might be worth taking a risk and using this bonus on a bet with slightly longer odds, as there is no risk involved with it; lose, and you still have all of your original deposit, win and you could stand to gain a load more money to place bets on in the future. It’s all about deciding the risk and reward for any given bet.

What players need to be made aware of before placing any bets with these bonuses is that sometimes the sports betting websites will have limitations on what you can use the bonuses on. For example, they might not allow bonuses to be redeemed in multiple betting markets and may not be permitted to be divided into separate stakes. It is always worth exploring the terms and conditions thoroughly with each different website before singing up and making a deposit, in case you won’t be permitted to use your betting bonus on exactly the type of bet you were looking to make. Each bookmaker will have their own small print, and it is definitely worth examining it clearly.

Welcome offers/loyalty rewards

A lot of the betting bonuses are there to bring in new customers. Online sports betting websites are all competing with each other, so will do everything they can to beat the competition, by  having the most attractive welcome offers. The problem with this was that once the welcome bonus had been used up, customers felt they weren’t being valued as much, as the welcome bonus would be the only one they’d receive. Therefore, why stay and not get rewarded, when you can move to another site to get a brand new welcome bonus? Betting sites got wise to this, and began to offer their customers loyalty bonuses. Sometimes these are given out after a number of bets per month were placed, or sometimes for making a certain number of deposits over a matter of months. Either way, it meant that staying faithful was finally being recognised and rewarded.

EagleBet is a great sports betting website, and when investigating their website it is heartening to see they have a great selection of different promotions. For instance, by depositing at least $20 and using their bonus code, they will match 50% of any bet you make, up to a value of $150. Another sports betting bonus they are currently offering is of up to $30 as a free bet when you place a bet of $30, and enter the bonus code. Again, both of these offers come with different terms and conditions, so will not be applicable to everything. But they are some great bonus offers, and should be quite tempting for anyone who wants to get on the sports betting hype train!

We at Casino Rewards hope that has helped to improve your understanding of how betting bonuses work, and what to look out for, or avoid in the future. Happy betting!