Beginners Guide to Pokie Games

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Pokie Games

Pokie games in New Zealand are essentially what are known as poker games or online slot games in the rest of the world. Over time, the popularity of pokie games has risen over the years. The permeation into the online world of these casinos has played a big role in that and the trend has been followed in New Zealand’s pokies as well.

Because it follows online ways these days, many players can often have concerns about many things. These can range from legitimacy of the bets they place on the pokies to the validity and security of the payments they make on slots.

But us at are here to give you more information about pokies and slot games. We offer some great betting reviews and some amazing bonus and promo deals. We are here to help beginners in the pokies field to know exactly what they should do.


Many pokies and slot games offer multiple bonus features, wild cards and free spins. These bonuses depend on the operator and the website you are on. But to acquire these bonuses, players actually need to go through the whole game to make sure that they win these bonuses. 

Players also need to be aware of the sort of deals that different websites have. At, you can read more about these websites and the sort of pokie bonuses they have to offer on slot games. 

Playing basics

The idea of a vast majority of slot games is simple. Players get a host of symbols to play with. While they had physical machines for pokie games back in the days, all that is done virtually in the modern-day environment. Players have to select their stakes and these can vary from outlet to outlet. After that, players select the paylines they are looking for and then spin.

These spins make the reels on the game move randomly. The main idea of the slot games is to get the symbols arranged in a particular order. This goes onto unlock rewards and bonuses, helping players earn more and achieve more. Depending on the games, players get symbols and some symbols usually carry a higher value than the others.


Players should only trust pokie websites that have a certification or licenses. Many of them have dual licenses from Malta and the UK, while some have just one. The more the licenses a site has, the higher is their reliability and trust factor. This is a key thing to take into account when investing your money.


Just about every pokie and slot games website has many ways of processing payments of your deposits. Players can pay through credit cards, debit cards or through direct bank transfers. Some outlets also allow payments through reliable third-party systems like PayPal. 

The way this industry is going, slot games also have the option to play these games on the go. Many games can be accessed through Android and Apple phones, apart from generally being accessible on PC.