Are Online Slots Rigged?

Computer Slots

There is nothing worse than the feeling that pokies are somehow working against you and with online games this can sometimes feel to be the case leaving players to exclaim that ‘slots are rigged’. This however is not the case; strict regulations do not allow this and instead monitor that winning chances and RTP are available to view online. 

What is RTP? 

The Return to Player (RTP) determines how much the online slots will pay out, normally displayed as a percentage. On table games in brick-and-mortar establishments the RTP can be as low as 60% however most slots hover around the 96% industry standard mark, this would mean that for every NZ$1,000 paid in NZ$960 would be paid out. Some pokies RTP will be higher or lower than other, it is important to remember that often low RTP’s are paying money into prize jackpots that are available. Because of the number of games played over time the RNG (Random Number Generator) these games use to randomise what numbers, cards or symbols these games produce could hold payouts for hours of gaming or reward the player within minutes.  

Losing Runs 

The losing streaks that countless players have gone through over the years are often the causes of these rigging allegations. It is vital to remember that these online slots are programmed to take more than they payout over days, months, years etc. There will be some lucky individuals that profit from these games however these are exceptional circumstances and expecting to make a profit on slots is not advisable for any players. The games primary aim is enjoyment as can be seen by the selection of genres, cinematics, audio and visual features they include whilst the aim of the company is to profit by taking more money that they pay out to the customer. This is why it is very important to always gamble within your means as a recreational activity more than a money-making scheme and to never chase losses as this will likely lead to further losses. 


As we have discovered it Is the primary aim of slots to profit for players and so it is not possible for them to be rigged, this is because it is known that their number one aim is to make money. The RTP is a good way of showing this as players are told the percentage that will be kept by the machine, to witness this in action without losing money try out free online slots to see how the games work. In the same way that players are surprised to lose money it would make more sense to be surprised at winning it. 

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